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This "homemade" sauce strikes the ultimate balance between sweet and spicy. It starts off  sweet and then a slight spicy kick comes at the end of the bite. The aroma of a freshly opened bottle brings your senses to BBQ heaven. The premium grade ingredients, including molasses and pure maple syrup, develop a medium-thick glaze for brisket, ribs, ground beef, poultry, pork, and fish. The superb combination of spices surprises your taste buds after each bite with a crisp, pleasing finish. The texture surpasses all other sauces, and its warm maroon-brown color pleases the eye. 


My Dad's BBQ is so good, you could eat it right from the bottle! It's the perfect compliment to any sandwich or cold appetizer. Our original sauce is perfect for even the most taste-sensitive BBQ fans.   Use a little or use a lot, this sauce pairs well with grilled or smoked dishes as it deepens in flavor to create the high quality bbq flavor you've been missing. 


Original Sauce

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