My name is Danny Wilk, and our family loves BBQ! We throw chicken, ribs, brisket, salmon, veggies (literally everything) on the grill or smoker. We have tried dozens of BBQ sauces, including big brand names and specialty sauces. We just wanted something different. Better. 

Like many of you, we experimented in the kitchen. We mixed two different sauces together. We added spices to the sauce. We tried a lot of things.  Ultimately, we determined that we were searching for something that just did not exist. ​So, I decided to make my own sauce from scratch.


We spent so much time trying different sauces,  I thought my three daughters would never eat BBQ again. ​Eventually, we found the right combination of ingredients! We gave samples to our friends and family, and they all suggested we bottle it. 


Our goal was to bottle the sauce, but retain that straight out of our kitchen homemade taste. 

Mission accomplished:

We found a way to make those "homemeade" small batches!​

Even the most critical BBQ sauce connoisseur will love My Dad's BBQ! 

ribbon voted best in the neighborhood

And . . . for even more about us, check this out!

I have three daughters. When they were old enough to care, they accused me of being the "embarrassing" dad. I was determined to teach my girls that there are more important things in life than worrying about what dad did on social media. 

To hammer this lesson home, I posted some photos of me "working" at various jobs. If you're interested, click  here.