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Offering spectacular BBQ sauces since 2021

-   ABOUT US  -

Michele and me

My name is Danny Wilk, and I’m an entrepreneur. My favorite hobby is developing ideas and starting new businesses. You may be familiar with my first success and first patent: the Bandyball. It’s a colorful ball of rubber bands that were sold in OfficeMax, Target, and Walmart. I also had two successful Kickstarter projects. More than twenty-five years later, my entrepreneurial spirit is still going strong. 

My wife and I have three daughters, and we’ve always told them that if you have an idea you really believe in, you should pursue it. Sometimes your idea will work, and sometimes it won’t, but if you don’t try, you’ll never know.

A lot of people had a Covid project. Mine was trying to create a spectacular BBQ sauce. I tried many, many, many variations until we finally created one with the “IT” factor! We gave samples to friends and family. Everyone loved it and suggested we bottle and sell it.

My girls persuaded me to pursue the BBQ business and offered to help sell the sauce. A few months later, "MY DAD'S BBQ" was officially branded, bottled and sold! 





I have three daughters. When they were old enough to care, they accused me of being the "embarrassing" dad. I was determined to teach my girls that there are more important things in life than worrying about what dad did on social media. 

So, I posted more photos of me "working" at various jobs. 

It's important for my daughters to know that there are more important things in life than worrying about  "What Did Dad Do?" on social media or anywhere for that matter.  In order to get them to understand what I was saying, I posted the following photos on Facebook of me pretending to work at different jobs. I hope this makes you smile! 

Chicago Marathon 2021

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