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Offering spectacular BBQ sauces since 2020

Meat's My Mistress Barbeque Team

Based in Pilot Grove, MO

Sponsored Since 2023

Father and son Bradley and Weslee Vollmer, have already made a name for themselves with their mouth-watering barbecued meats. With the help of Bradley's wife and daughter (who insists she's only there for the ribs), the team ended their first season with an impressive record of four first-place finishes, one fourth-place finish, a Grand Championship, and a third-place overall finish.

Dominating competitions since March 2022

They've qualified for the KCBS backyard invitational this fall, and are teaming up with other teams to compete in the Master Series open. The team is excited to see what this year has in store for them, and with their passion for BBQ and their commitment to excellence, there's no doubt that they'll continue to make waves in the competition circuit. Keep an eye out for Meats My Mistress – they're a team to watch!

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