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Offering spectacular BBQ sauces since 2020

Black Dog BBQ logo

Black Dog BBQ RI 

Based in Warwick, RI

A passion and hobby turned into a successful venture. What started as a casual hangout and cooking session with a group of friends, turned into a business venture that has survived the test of time. Today, the business is kept alive by its two founding members, Juan Tejada and Rob DeReamer, who have turned their love for cooking and grilling into a successful business.

Community Commitment

Apart from their passion for grilling, Juan and Rob are also active members of their local Elks lodge. This also highlights the importance of finding a balance between work and life. Additionally, their logo is inspired by their beloved pet dog, Recchi, which adds a personal touch to their brand.

Black Dog BBQ RI is BACK!!

After a brief hiatus, BDBBQ is back in the competition scene and is ready to take on the best in the game. By competing in KCBS, NEBS, and World Food-sanctioned events, they are not only showcasing their skills but also challenging themselves to be the best. This dedication to their craft is what sets BDBBQ apart and makes them a force to be reckoned with in the grilling world.

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