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Our BBQ Sauces

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What Makes My Dad's BBQ Sauce So Unique?

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1) Premium Ingredients for Premium Taste

2) Small Batch for Top Quality

3) Bottled in Glass, Not Plastic for Longer Shelf Life

4) Original is an Ultimate Balance between Sweet and Savory

5) Spicy is Intense, Tangy, Aromatic and Full-flavored


Experience the difference for yourself and try My Dad's BBQ Today!


The homemade recipe for this sauce strikes the ultimate balance between sweet and savory. The aroma that wafts from the freshly opened bottle engulfs your senses in BBQ heaven. Straight from the bottle, uncooked, the sauce is medium-thick, has an inviting maroon-brown color and is the perfect compliment to any sandwich or cold appetizer. Once cooked, the premium grade ingredients, including molasses and pure maple syrup, glaze chicken, pork, salmon, brisket and ribs with a finish that pleases the eye and the palate. Our original sauce suits even the youngest, most taste sensitive BBQ fans. Kids gobble it up, lick their fingers and ask for more. Use a little or use a lot, this sauce pairs well with grilled or smoked meats, fish and poultry as it deepens in flavor to create the high quality bbq flavor you've been missing. 

photo of Original sauce
Photo of spicy sauce


This kicked-up version of My Dad's BBQ begins with the high quality, premium ingredients of the original and has just enough added spice to please anyone looking for a little bit more. Our spicy sauce is flavorful, but not overpowering. It pairs with the same fish, poultry, pork, brisket and ribs that our original sauce enhances as it provides an intense, zesty bite. The sauce is spirited and interesting because it came straight out of our home kitchen into a commercial kitchen where it is carefully cooked to meet our discerning specifications.

My Dad's BBQ spicy checks all of the BBQ boxes: it's intense, tangy, aromatic and full-flavored. It truly compliments, rather than drowns, your favorite dishes. For something really different, try it on potatoes and veggies, too. Wherever you pour it, you won't be sorry. 



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